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Wireless Networking

Emily Logan   ::  12/27/16 4:23 PM


Wireless & Mobility I.T. Solutions

Any business can adopt mobility as a business solution, keeping you competitive 24/7 in a rough and tumble business world.

Mobility solutions are any technology tools that allow you to conduct business away from your main business site -- whether using a cell phone as your business phone when you leave your office, or a wireless network spanning multiple international offices. Typically, though, as a small- to medium-sized business, your company's mobility needs will fall somewhere in between the two extremes. Mobility solutions often fall into two groups:

  • Remote offices - when you grow your business and add offices or let employees to work offsite, remote users need a secure way to access critical data. This may mean deploying a dedicated VPN connection between firewalls at physical locations, or a SharePoint server, extranet or VPN connection for work-from-home associates.
  • Remote workforce - Giving employee access to important data when they are not in the office can boost productivity. Such mobile users need email, contacts, and calendars updated in real time to access from such mobile devices as smartphones, laptops and netbooks. Sales associates need to access CRM applications for sales data and contracts. And project managers need tools to securely collaborate with partners, vendors, and clients.

Mobility can bring all of these benefits to life for your organization, but should be planned for to ensure security, efficiency and access when required.

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Data Protection 

Sam Patrick   ::  12/27/16 4:21 PM

 Protecting your data and mission-critical information is a must in business today. EDTS helps clients with a range of highly effective and efficient back-up solutions that are secure, automated and guaranteed.

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Business Continuity Planning 

Sam Patrick   ::  12/27/16 4:18 PM

Business continuity planning is critical for all businesses, regardless of size or market. It should address how your company will carry on should a natural disaster (fire or flood) or human threat (hacking, virus outbreak, accidental data destruction) occur.

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I.T. Regulatory Compliance 

Emily Logan   ::  12/27/16 4:12 PM

Complying with local, state, federal, or industry specific agency regulation is a fact of life today, and it impacts your I.T. environment. Consider an I.T. partner like EDTS that can help you ensure that your I.T. systems meet regulations.

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I.T. Planning

Emily Logan   ::  12/27/16 4:08 PM

Every successful business should consider a strategic plan addressing I.T. to improve business alignment, boost value and prioritize I.T. investment.

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Growing Your Business

Sam Patrick   ::  12/27/16 4:05 PM

Growing your business requires having appropriate I.T. systems today. To be sure that your I.T. infrastructure will support your business growth, consider partnering with an I.T. outsourcing company like EDTS.

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