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I.T. Projects and Managed Support for Legal & Professional Services

From law firms to accounting firms, architects to ad agencies, the professional services organization today increasingly depends on technology to improve operations and capabilities. From case management software to document management, email encryption to time tracking, art files to accounting records, every organization has greater reliance on I.T. infrastructure security, performance and reliability than ever.

Forward-thinking firms are increasingly turning to managed I.T. services providers (MSPs) to ensure that network uptime and expert oversight of complex I.T. systems are provided in a secure manner.  EDTS is one such partner.



Managed I.T. for Professional Firms

  • Expert and unobtrusive service even when your staff is working
  • Real-time network monitoring to identify problems and reduce downtime
  • Proactive I.T. planning allows scalability of operations and budget planning
  • Dedicated network administrator
  • Managed I.T. services model improves reporting capabilities and metrics to improve overall operations
  • Ensures routine maintenance is conducted to improve security and reliability
  • Provides a team of certified experts skilled in planning, remediating or installing technology
  • A team of professionals who are experts with your system and emerging technologies in your field

Managed Security Benefits for Your Firm

  • Real-time monitoring reduces the risk of data loss or breaches
  • Security tools actively defend your network
  • Compliance logs collected and stored offsite
  • Dedicated EDTS professional will stand with you during mandated I.T. Audits
  • Knowledgeable and capable partner during emergencies
  • Proven processes for training employees to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Expertise in back-up and disaster recovery protocols to ensure business continuity
  • Online security awareness training courses available
  • Trained and certified forensic experts on staff

Professional Service Team Capabilities

  • Expert designers, engineers, procurement and project management professionals on staff
  • Dedicated project leader assigned to each project for scope and scheduling
  • Engineering resources dedicated to the project
  • Professional services completed on schedule
  • EDTS Project Management Office is centralized point of contact and ensures successful and timely completion of project deliverables

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