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Local and state government and law enforcement bodies face increasing demands to utilize technology to deliver quality service to citizens with speed, transparency and efficiency. From deploying innovative technology systems for schools to managing IT consolidation and implementing law enforcement management systems, every public body has vast information and security needs that must be met daily.

It is crucial to partner with a proven IT provider that can ensure the security of critical information, deliver complete network optimization and provide extensive disaster recovery preparation.  Many such governmental bodies turn to EDTS.  Click here to see our comprehensive list of certifications and accreditations.

CJIS GBI SLED Approved Vendor


Managed IT for Local and State Government

  • Ensures that the routine maintenance of systems is conducted to improve security and reliability, as well as freeing existing IT staff to perform strategic and client facing initiatives
  • Managed IT provides fast, expert service that is available when your staff works, not just normal business hours
  • Work with a team of professionals that are experts with the programs you use now, and the emerging technologies in your field
  • Real-time network monitoring quickly identifies issues and reduces downtime
  • Proactive IT planning with a vCIO allows scalability of operations, whether you need to add a new application or integrate 10 locations
  • A dedicated Network Administrator ensures a deep technical understanding of the network infrastructure
  • Provides a team of certified experts that are skilled in planning, remediation, or installing technology
  • The managed IT services model improves reporting capabilities and metrics to improve overall operations
  • Expert CJIS compliance partner providing gap assessment and advanced audit preparation



Managed Security Benefits for Local and State Governments

  • Real-time network monitoring reduces the risk of data loss or data breaches
  • Provides security tools that are actively defending your network without taking existing I.T. staff away from their daily responsibilities
  • Logs are collected and stored offsite for compliance, as well as forensics
  • Web security and mobile device management
  • Our knowledgeable experts will support you during the necessary I.T. assessments required by many larger businesses and corporations
  • Provides a knowledgeable, capable partner during emergencies; such as Incident Response and remediation activities
  • Event monitoring, management, response and remediation
  • Risk assessments and vulnerability management

Professional Service Team Capabilities

  • Expert designers, engineers, procurement and project management professionals on staff
  • Dedicated Project Manager or Coordinator is assigned to each project for scope and scheduling.
  • Engineering resources are dedicated to the project to ensure availability of resources as needed for the timeline
  • Professionals who routinely execute complex tasks and are driven to meet timelines
  • Network architecture, design and installation
  • Wireless, VoIP and telecom solutions
  • Intrusion detection and access control for networks and facilities

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