Network Penetration Testing

Mitigate attacks by assessing and testing
vulnerabilities in your system

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EDTS Cyber Network Penetration Testing focuses on key aspects of a customer’s environment, specifically those areas that could be exploited. Our objective is to build strategies to secure and protect your environment. Detailed assessment identifies vulnerabilities that an attacker might use to compromise the integrity of your systems.  Penetration Tests then help you understand and remediate your organization’s security posture.


Assessment and testing includes evaluations:

Testing Deliverables:

EDTS Cyber documents and presents our findings from the Network Penetration Test. This includes:

  • Executive Summary
  • Detailed Technical Report
  • Recommended Action Plan
  • Onsite Final Presentation

1. Externally

Intelligence Gathering

EDTS Cyber gains an understanding of your organization from publicly available information (as a hacker would), including digital asset information:

  • Social media
  • Search engine results (including username, email and employee information)
  • Domains owned and registered by the company (any server identification)
  • Company website (services/skills used, partnerships, services provided)
  • Additional public domain resources and networks

2. Internally

Network and Application Reconnaissance

Next we discover all live hosts and services running within your organization’s network range.

  • Port scanning (standard and nonstandard ports are probed)
  • IP scanning (discovering and verifying host status)
  • DNS Lookup
  • Service fingerprinting (banner grabs, response analysis, known port lookup)
  • Service mapping (pull information from open services)
  • Operating System identification

Using this information, we develop your

Vulnerability Discovery & Analysis:

We use interactive procedures with your network to discover any vulnerabilities that exist on the hosts found in the prior evaluations.  These may include Service Scanning, Vulnerability Scanning and Manual Checks.

Want to take your assessment to the next level? Now introducing:

Vulnerability Exploit & Privilege Escalation

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