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As a nonprofit, your objective is not making money; your mission is to help the greater good. The focus on giving rather than profiting presents an even bigger challenge to cost-effectively run an organization. Electronic records, financial transactions, donor information and day-to-day business all require a robust I.T. infrastructure. Many nonprofits are approaching complete dependence on technology, which has become ever more advanced and complex. But when the network or systems are unavailable, effectively delivering on the mission and performing other necessary tasks is impossible.

Nonprofits are increasing their collaboration with managed I.T. services providers (MSPs) to ensure that network uptime and expert oversight of complex I.T. systems are provided in a secure manner.


Managed I.T. for Nonprofits

  • Faster and more agile delivery of service and improved client and coworker experience
  • Real-time network monitoring to identify problems and reduce downtime
  • Proactive I.T. planning allows scalability of operations
  • Dedicated network administrator
  • Managed I.T. services model enhances efficiency and reporting capabilities and metrics
  • Ensures routine maintenance is conducted to improve security and reliability
  • Provides a team of certified experts skilled in planning, remediating, or installing technology

Managed Security Benefits for Nonprofits

  • Real-time monitoring reduces the risk of data loss or breaches
  • Security tools actively defend your network
  • Compliance logs collected and stored offsite
  • Protect your staff, benefactors and volunteers against identity theft and other security risks that I.T. poses
  • Knowledgeable and capable partner during emergencies
  • Proven processes for training employees to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Expertise in back-up and disaster recovery protocols to ensure service continuity
  • HIPAA training and security awareness programs available to EDTS clients

Professional Services Benefits for Nonprofits

  • Devoted teams of designers, engineers, procurement and project management professionals
  • Dedicated project leader assigned to each project for scope and scheduling
  • Engineering resources dedicated to the project
  • Professional services completed on schedule
  • EDTS Project Management Office is centralized point of contact and ensures successful and timely completion of project deliverables

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